Sunday, January 24, 2010

Speaking of Unique Vision


Yesterday we went to the Steve McCurry Sud-Est 1980-2009 exhibit in Milano.

What an amazing photographer, able to capture the feel and story of a place and time. Able to capture the essence of a person's soul in his portraits. You feel like you are looking right inside them, and in return, they move something in you.

My goal of photographing and sharing the exhibit was not to reproduce his work, that is already done beautifully in the exhibit website and on his own website. My goal was just to show how they were presented, and how powerful and moving the photographs are. Seeing them large scale and in person was amazing. It showed me something different about how you can experience a powerful photograph.

In some ways, as a photographer myself, it was overwhelming. I mean, in the face of such greatness, why do I bother? But in light of yesterday's post, I remember that I have something to contribute too, my own unique vision. Steve McCurry's vision is beyond amazing, he is clearly an artist of extraordinary talent.

All I can say is... Wow.

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