Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Finding the Quiet Places

Sometimes in our wandering, down a back alley, I spot something interesting. Some little scene, some spot of color. Something unexpected. I love this photo of a back alley in Burano. It's not the color, which is all over Burano. It's the not the architecture either. I think it's the "looking in" from the outside aspect. Looking through the doorway, looking into the back alley you find this illuminated spot of color, this little peaceful courtyard. You could easily walk on by and miss it. It's almost like it's a secret, something the residents want all of us tourists to miss. A quiet spot of their own.

When we travel, we like to wander. Brandon loves to turn us down side streets and see where we end up. I love the things we sometimes find, especially the quiet places.

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