Saturday, June 6, 2009

First Photos of Venice

Here they are, for you to enjoy! Today I went through the first day of Venice photos, and posted my favorites. I hope they give you a little flavor of the city and what we experienced. The rest will come soon.

Today I also did my first clothes shopping here in Italy. I asked Paola, one of the women I work with here, some good places to go. I wanted to get a couple more skirts for the hot weather to wear to work and for travel, so much cooler and nicer looking when you can't or don't want to wear shorts! She pointed me to an outlet store nearby and a good mall. I didn't find anything at the outlet store but did have some luck at the mall. Sizing is different and the average body type is different here so it was interesting at first trying to guess what size to try on. After a few visits to the "camerini" I had it narrowed down to a range of 2 or 3 sizes.

I can tell I'm getting used to the more expensive prices here, because I was happy to find two skirts and a shirt I liked at a couple of different stores at a "good price". On the "cheap" end of things, really. It was Euro 70.00 total - which equates to around $100 at the current exchange rate. Now, at home, my favorite stores are Ross and TJ Maxx and don't like to spend more than $20 on any one piece of clothing - and that only occasionally - so this is a lot for me! But that's the price we pay for living in Italy - literally.

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