Tuesday, March 3, 2009

"A quilt that fits me"

A long time ago, when we were tucking him into bed, Brandon said to tell Meemaw that he needed a "quilt that fits me."

You see, my mom had made a baby quilt for him that he just loves. It's been played with, snuggled with, packed with us on trips, used for forts, wrapped around stuffed animals and is generally always around. If I fold it up and put it in the linen closet it always finds it's way back out. The only problem with it is that Brandon has grown, and the crib-sized quilt doesn't work any more as a blanket. His feet stick out!

So, for his birthday Mom made him a quilt that fits him. She made it with lots of red (Brandon's favorite color), bright colors and some cats thrown in (in the stitching and the fabric). It arrived today, and even though it was a month and a few days early, we asked Brandon if he wanted to open the box, knowing that he wouldn't be able to resist. (Hey, I wanted to see it too!)

He is very happy to have a quilt that fits, and has already deemed that the comforter on his bed must go. Thanks Mom! A beautiful work of art and of love. And look - it fits!

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