Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Bye, Bye Plants!

The last of our houseplants was given away today. Patrick sent out a first come, first serve email to folks and the response was great! The plants now have new homes. It's funny though, through this process we've realized how many of our plants have a story to go along with them!

There's the college plant, the one that Pete and I bought to put into our senior design project - "Environmental Control of a Greenhouse" - for the senior project display day. That's been with me since college!

There's the Disney plant, grown from a cutting from the store in The Land pavilion at Epcot in Disneyworld.

There's the Mom plant, from Patrick's Mom, she gave it to us way back when we were first married. We figure that one is over 20 years old and still doing well!

There's the Brandon plant, from one of the flower/plant baskets that we received when he was born.

Some were cuttings from other people... Laurie brought some back when she worked in a greenhouse at her college in Texas. I think one was a cutting from my Aunt in Ohio. Others were just random plants we've picked up here or there for a good price.

All have been nurtured and kept healthy by Patrick, the green thumb of the family. Time for new plants - Italian plants!

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  1. Thanks for the plants! I love them!!! I'll send you pictures while you're in Italy and let you know how they are doing.



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