Saturday, December 13, 2008

Lovin' Live Music

Last night Patrick and I went to the KINK FM Holiday concert in Portland with Patrick's friend Andy. It was great! There were four acts:
Matt Nathanson - my current fav (pictured, thanks to Andy). Love his music and he is fabulous live! What a great entertainer. We just saw him live in Eugene in November, where he played for two hours. I would have loved him as the headliner.

Amos Lee - Kind of a funky folk singer. I loved the music but didn't like his voice at first, it grew on me through his set. Great beat.

Augustana - a young band that sang acoustically for this concert, because the stage was being set up behind them for the headliner band. There were some sound problems with their mic and the audience kind of left them, but I left the concert wanting to hear more and downloaded their 2 CDs off of iTunes today. They are a great "find."

The Pretenders - Yes, the one with Chrissie Hein. They are still around - go figure! She's been rockin' for 30 years now and still put on a good show. Her voice is great! The lead guitarist (definitely not the original one, probably not even 30 years old) was fantastic. They were fun but didn't play too much of their old stuff, and I don't know their new stuff.

It was a great time! I'm lovin' live music these days. It is fun to go to these smaller concerts (we were standing second row) and "get to know" the musicians in a different way. I also love finding a new band like this... now I have some new music to enjoy.

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