Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Anxiously awaiting word...

Today is supposed to be work permit day. I expected to get up, check my work email and know that I have my work permit or not. But no! Not yet. I have to wait, so you all have to wait too. :)

Yesterday was a fun mail day! I got my box of books for the Italian lessons I'm taking, quite the stack of books. So I could do my homework. Yes, I have homework!! Tonight I have my second online lesson. 90 minutes of learning to speak Italian. Can you be "out of shape" for school? I think I might be.

I also got a box with my new camera - a tiny little Canon Elph. This doesn't replace my amazing, wonderful Canon SLR camera for photos, but it does let me have a camera with me wherever I go. Brandon and I had a good time playing around, taking pictures of us together.

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