Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Share Your View: Holiday Lights

What fun, holiday lights! This is the holiday streetcar in Milan, where for the price of a transit ticket you can take a ride and get your picture taken with Santa. What a fun holiday tradition, and such festive lights!

Now it's time to Share Your View. Link in your recent or archive image of holiday lights below to share and then visit the other links to see what others have found. Share what you've learned in the process, and any tips or tricks you figured out - either in the comments here or on your blog, we would all love to learn from you too.

Link will stay open for 30 days, so feel free to come back any time you have a great capture of holiday lights. I can't wait to see your view - thanks for participating!


  1. Would love to be in Milan, riding this streetcar!
    What fun!


  2. Tree is still not up and haven't been out. Maybe this weekend. Love this Miss K!

  3. Oh how timely! I just popped over for a visit and have also posted a bokeh-love post featuring Christmas lights.

    Oh to be in Italy at this time of the year.....

  4. I'm not great at sharing... ask my kindergarten teacher, but I will check out the pics.

  5. I just found your blog and I love it! I haven't taken any holiday light pictures yet this year (don't even have decorations up myself, I blame having a newborn) but if I do get to it I'll be sure to come back!


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