Monday, April 26, 2010

Stepping along Flowers

This image has been popping into my head a lot lately, which means that I should just share it already! A little bit of color and a whole lot of texture can be found in Varenna, a town on the steep edges of Lake Como not too far from where we live. I like that the "streets" in these lake-egde towns are often really stairways up the hillside, and named appropriately in Italian, salita (which means climb, rise, uphill) instead of the usual via (which means street, road, or way). And a stairway means that you can have a fabulous flower display on many levels. I used to want to paint this picture, but for some reason I never did. Maybe that's because the image was already good just as it was, waiting to be shared with you today. Happy Monday!


  1. Dear Kat,

    Your photos are really lovely - thanks for sharing Italy with us!

    Ramona :-)

  2. Funny how my memories of Italy return to these kinds of images ... I have a favorite photo of a small balcony filled with terracotta pots and beautiful geraniums. somehow, when i make my homage to these small gardens on my Midwest patio, the effect isn't quite the same. I think you hit upon it - the textures! (and a black gatto!)

    lovely image :)

  3. I have photos like that as well. I have a deal with myself right now - if I like the image well enough to post it for sale... then I don't need to paint it. But these are just silly rules to help me make sense out of my day - and I might change it tomorrow:)

    Lovely image. I am walking the steps with you:)


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