Friday, February 26, 2010

The Best Bookstore

Let's take a little poll: Is Powell's Books in Portland the best bookstore in the entire world? Post your comment below. If it's not, it's got to be up there near the very top. A whole city block of books on multiple floors. New, used, all topics. You could probably find almost anything you are looking for. Oh, and for the techie types, there is Powell's technical books.

And here is a special section to me, the creativity section I discovered last spring at Powell's. I walked around a corner and felt a jolt, it's like the section just grabbed me and said "hello, here I am, you've been waiting for me." I purchased and read several books from this section last year before the move and I've got several more after a visit on Saturday. Can't wait to get reading! I just hope my suitcase is not overweight...

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  1. Powell's is lovely, but my heart relies on the Tattered Cover.


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