Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Serious Speed

Saturday was a day at the races, the Formula 1 races at the Monza Autodromo. We went on Saturday because it was cheaper - only 50 Euro (~$70) per general admission ticket and Brandon was free. Not cheap! We saw the F1 qualifying rounds and got an idea of how popular this sport really is! Pictures are posted online here.

I don't think this will ever be a favorite sport of mine... too much waiting around for watching cars go by for a few seconds. You have to admire the techical work it takes to run these cars and the guts it takes for the drivers to drive at those speeds. Incredible.

This morning was also another milestone - I know I keep marking these for some reason - I've been in Italy for five months now. It's been a crazy, wonderful, stressful, interesting five months. So many ups and downs for me personally and for our family. Right now I am a bit weary.

But as I reflected this morning on this, no matter what new stresses and difficulties that this experience brings along with it, it is worth it. I know I am in the right place right now, learning whatever it is I need to learn. It's just a little tiring sometimes.

Emails and letters and care packages and FB posts - those connections with friends and family back home are sooo important. Think of that as you read this blog, think if there's anyone else you know out there far away from home and if there is something you can do to perk them up, let them know you are thinking of them. I don't think you realize how important that can be to someone until you are far away...

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