Thursday, July 9, 2009

A good day

Today was a random good day. Lots of good days lately, actually. We got a box of goodies from my Mom (thanks Mom!) that included the quilt she made me with the wonderful cat fabric I fell in love with earlier this year. Now I will smile and think of her whenever I see it! Brandon immediately started to negotiate a joint ownership of the quilt - "I'll share mine with you Mom!" he says with a smile.

Have I mentioned that my Mom is amazingly talented at lots of things? Just look at this...(Mom, if you are reading this, Patrick is a bit jealous of our quilts and would like to order up a quilt with Bronco fabric, when you have a minute or two!)

OK, here's a joke for you...

Q: How many Italians does it take to decipher an Italian power bill?

A: Three, of course!
Here are three of our Italian coworkers Fabio (who actually has moved to Corvallis), Paola and Gianluigi trying to read through Mike's first power bill. It is crazy, the bill says he used 192kWh in 6 days. Even with all of their language skills and advanced degrees they were still trying to figure it out when I left work today. :)

And finally... here is my boy with his "summer" haircut. It's so hot here he sweats like crazy so I finally talked him into a short cut and he'll let it grow out again this year for school. Isn't he getting big?

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