Saturday, February 7, 2009

An Ending of Sorts

Yesterday we had a party to celebrate a major accomplishment at work... the qualification of the technology transfer project I've been leading for the last 9 months. This team of amazing folks accomplished what no one thought could be done! It was even qualified 5 days early.

So, we got together at Jim's house (our program manager). We had some snacks, some beer, some wine. We gave out some fun awards and shared funny stories. When you work on an intense project like this and people travel all over the world, interesting things are bound to happen. We toasted our success with the homemade Limoncello I brought back from Italy, made by one of our fantastic Italian colleagues.

For me, it brought closure. My work on this project and with these people doesn't end but it was a way to celebrate the milestone, to mark the time in our hectic schedules. It was a way to thank the fabulous people I get to work with every day. I keep saying it, but the best part of leading this project was working with this amazing team of people who just got things done! I am honored.

Sadiq receiving his award as the "Grumbling Gourmet", he provided us LOTS of funny stories The team surprised me with an award and a gift too, a bottle of wine and a travel journal with notes from them written in it!Pouring the precious LimoncelloA toast to our success!

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