Thursday, October 23, 2008

Things are moving again...

This week it's starting to feel like we might actually get to Italy someday! I received word at work that the upper management approval for the transfer has been granted, so that is good news. We figured it would be approved but you never know sometimes!

Patrick is going up Friday to pick up the document translations and to meet with the consulate to get them legalized. So by Monday we should have our documents off for the work visa application and that will be officially in progress. At this point, we are planning for January at the earliest for the move.

I will be traveling to Italy for two weeks in November, leaving Nov 8 and returning Nov 21. It's mostly work but I do plan to visit some schools for Brandon and see what they are like, and I hope to explore some more neighborhoods. It should be interesting!


  1. Kat, in Oct's More magazine a lady posted her favorite things about Milan after living there for a little while. Check it out if you run across one. It made me excited to come visit! Have a good trip.

  2. Thanks Rainie! Looks like you figured out how to comment. Is the article online? I looked and can't find it...


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