Saturday, September 13, 2008

No More Stampin' Up!

After 7 years of being a Stampin' Up! demonstrator, I am finally done! Last night was my first night to go to someone else's workshop. Sara, one of my long time customers, has taken over my workshop format and customers in order to keep their stamp fix going once I move. She's excited, the customers are excited, and quite frankly it was nice to go and stamp without doing the prep work! :) It was really my customers who were keeping me going for the last year or two, with their continued interest and enthusiasm, because I hadn't been stamping much for myself. One customer even thanked me for all I had done! That really made me feel appreciated.

Along those lines, today was my stamp garage sale, and I cleaned out more than ever. I had 4 random boxes of stuff left after the sale: 1 for Goodwill, 2 for eBay and 1 for Brandon's school. It feels great to have things cleaned out! I wasn't even tempted to "shop" Rainie and Jennifer's tables since I know I'm moving. (Confession: I did take one small thing from Jennifer's table...)

After the garage sale, my "stampin' sister" Rainie and I went to tea since she was down in Corvallis to participate in garage sale. Rainie and I have become friends through Stampin' Up! and really, her friendship is the best thing to come out of my demonstratorship. We'll keep inspiring each other with our creative endeavors and family exploits on into the future I have no doubt.

So, one small chapter of my life is closing as I move on from Stampin' Up! Surprisingly, I don't feel a lot of emotion either way - good or bad. I guess it must be time for me to do something different, and the Italy move is just a catalyst. It's interesting how much this change has made me reassess different parts of my life. I'm sure there will be more adjustments to come.

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