Monday, August 11, 2008

First of Many

Yesterday was a hard day. Probably the first of many.

Brandon was upset in the morning about Stevie (our cat), and the fact that we have to find him a new home. I had not realized how attached he is to Stevie, but as Brandon says, "He is part of our family!" We talked about it for a while, and decided to make a Stevie scrapbook the he could take with him to Italy. I had the book, we went to Creative Crafts for a few stickers and rub ons, and then searched our old photos to find our favorite Stevie pictures. This seemed to help for the moment. I'm sure there will be many more tears from him and from me.

In the course of this, it was fun to look at many old photos. Here's my all time favorite photo of Stevie!

Patrick was also feeling like we are giving up a lot to go... We talked for a while and ended up sorting out our hall closet - what we'll take, store, sell and throw away. There is not much that we need to take! Just doing something helped him feel better.
Only 6 days until our cruise. Last night I researched our Cartagena port stop. Time to get packing!!

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